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Empowerment for a better world through Adult and Community Education.

Saolta is a Global Citizenship Education strategic partnership programme for the Adult and Community Education sector in Ireland between Irish Aid and a consortium of organisations.

Development Perspectives is the lead partner in the consortium, which also includes AONTAS, Concern Worldwide, Irish Rural Link and the Adult and Community Education Dept of Maynooth University.

SAOLTA strategic goal:
Increased accessibility, quality and effectiveness of global citizenship education within the adult and community education sector.

Are you ... Saolta?

The Sustainable Development Goals can't succeed without you. Find out how Saolta can support you to become a powerful voice for change.

Elements of the programme

SDG Advocate

Training of trainers

Public Participation Network

Further Education Institutions




Saolta, an Irish word that translates to ‘Worldly Wise’ is the perfect title as the programme will explore a variety of global issues with stakeholders from the Adult and Community Education sector (ACE) along with encouraging action across Irish society. Issues such as poverty, inequality and climate change will feature strongly as areas of engagement.

The programme targets the Adult and Community Education sector in a variety of ways including interactive workshops with Further Education Institutions and Public Participation Networks across the country.

The SDG Advocate Training will offer ACE practitioners an opportunity to represent their organisation, institute or community group, by becoming one of Ireland’s positive changemakers. The seven-month training course will encourage advocates to deepen their understanding of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and lead transformative change in Ireland through Global Citizenship Education.

Other facets of the programme will involve coaching and mentoring, webinars, networking meetings along with a library of research and resources

The Development Perspectives team is excited at the possibilities this innovative new partnership will present. Bobby McCormack, Co-founder and Director of Development Perspectives, says: “Education needs to be transformative in order to be truly effective - this is what we will offer through Saolta. We believe that informed and engaged citizens are best placed to address complex social, economic and environmental issues and working with a variety of multipliers throughout Irish society is the best way to create these active citizens.

2022 SDG Advocates.

Partners of Saolta

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This programme is funded by Irish Aid at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Irish Aid is the Government’s overseas development programme which supports partners working in some of the world’s poorest countries. Irish Aid also supports global citizenship education in Ireland to encourage learning and public engagement with global issues. The content of this communication represents the views of the author only and does not necessarily represent or reflect DFA policy.