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SDG Advocate Training

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Are you looking for an opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in Global Citizenship Education? Do you want to join Ireland’s network of Active Citizens and create long lasting change within your organisation, institute or community group whilst also contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The SDG Advocate Training offers 26 active citizens in the Adult and Community Education sector, an opportunity to become one of Ireland’s SDG Advocates. This training course encourages advocates to deepen their understanding of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and lead transformative change in Ireland.

Programme Coordinator: Margaret Downey


Stories of Action - Action Projects from Advocates 2020-2022.

SDG Advocate Training Stories of Action 2020-2022 »

SDG Advocate Training 2021: A look at the Cohort’s contribution to the SDGs

SDG Advocate Training 2021: A look at the Cohort’s contribution to the SDGs »

SDG Advocate 2020 Reflections

SDG Advocate 2020 Reflections

Stories of Action - Action Projects from Advocates 2017-2019.

SDG Advocate Training Stories of Action 2017-2019 »

SDG Advocate Training 2023

An insight in to the SDG Advocate Training 2022

SDG Advocate Training - Action Projects

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Our Training Model

Phase 1 — Explorative

The first phase will take place online in April 2021.

An introduction will be provided on the concept of Global Citizenship Education, Development Theories, The Sustainable Development Goals and what these terms mean from an Irish and Global perspective. There will be an emphasis placed on critical analysis, discussion, problem solving and our role as active citizens.

Phase 2 — Action

The Action phase will consist of an exciting yet challenging 3-day experiential learning residential in June. Individual and group coaching and mentoring sessions will take place in July and August and a further 2 full day workshops in September. The emphasis will be placed on design thinking, discourse analysis, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and values and frames. The Action phase is planned to aid Advocates in the process of planning and implementing community projects aligned with the SDG’s.

Phase 3 — Reflection and Next Steps

The final phase will incorporate a 2day residential in October and an exhibition of experience where project learning and reflection on action will be showcased to the general public.

The four pillars of Global Citizenship Education will be weaved through workshops during the journey.

Problem Solving

Systems Thinking

Active Citizenship

Critical Thinking

Meet the 2023 SDG Advocates

Meet the 2022 SDG Advocates

Meet the 2021 SDG Advocates

Meet the 2020 SDG Advocates

Meet the 2019 SDG Advocates

Emily Symes

Katie Lynch

Raymond Muwaniri

Michaeline Donnelly

Fabiana Mantovani

Sarah Symes

Jennifer Arthur

Catherine O'Donoghue

Karen Kelly

Sharon Kennedy

Maeve O'Gorman

Meet the 2018 SDG Advocates

Heather Griffin

Patrick Mulvihill

Aileen Maughan

Maria Connolly

Cathal O'Hagan

David Donnelly

Thomas Noone

Aileen Devaney

Deirdre Casey

Emer Mulligan

Adeleh Mohammadi

Ciara Ellen Wallace

Seána Carty

Cian McKenna

Bebi Licky

David McGovern

Ailís Gavin

Lisa O'Rourke

Michelle Jackson

Meet the 2017 SDG Advocates

Amy McAuley

Leah Murphy

Orla Breslin

Nicole Chatham

Brian O'Connor

Vanessa Mulhall

Anna Delaney

Maria Dempsey

Rachel Hanerty

Ava McCann

Fiona Higgins

Shane Burke

Eamon Moloney

Grainne O'Callaghan

Shane Walsh