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How We Work

Civil society understands that to reach every citizen, Development Education needs to be developed through formal and non-formal education processes with a broad and extensive reach across Ireland. Building on our strengths and experience, Development Perspectives has developed a strategic plan to guide our work in support of global efforts to increase Development Education opportunities for the citizens of Ireland and beyond.

Development Perspectives recognises the importance of learning from different local and global perspectives. Acknowledging the value that emotional impact has on meaningful learning or movement of mind, experiential learning plays an important role in all our programmes. The SDG Advocate programme is an 8 month Development Education journey designed for people not only to learn more about poverty, inequality and climate change but to act and challenge some of the complex development issues that face local and global communities. This annual programme is still one of the core elements of our work and shorter projects are designed based on its template.

Ensuring participants of our programmes develop the capacity to take informed action on a range of development issues is the crux of our work.

Since 2006 we have organically grown as an organisation which now consists of eleven part- time staff and a ten-member Board of Management. The SDG Advocate (Insight) alumni network meet twice yearly to plan, evaluate and reflect on activities, develop professionally and to network. We also host interns and student placements regularly. Our staff team is well regarded individually because of their knowledge, skills, resilient attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.

Team work with SDG advocates SDG Advocates, Sonairte 2018


As an organisation based on Justice, Equality, Sustainability, Solidarity and Partnership, Development Perspectives places these core values at the root of all our activities and programmes.

IDEA Code of Good Practice

Development Perspectives is a member of the Code of Good Practice for Development Education. The Code is acts as a quality framework designed to improve DE practice. Members of this Code commit to strengthening their Development Education practice through an annual self-assessment process. As a member of IDEA, DP contributed to the development of this Code which began in 2016. DP then began to implement the Code from the initial pilot stage in 2019. Further information on this Code is available from

Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages

Development Perspectives is a signatory of the Dóchas Code of Conduct on Images and Messages and commits to applying the Code's principles for all their communiciations. Find out more about giving us feedback on our applications of the code here:

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Dóchas Code Champion: Deborah Conlon (
Should you have any complaints about our applications of the Code please feel free to email our Dóchas Code Champion. If you are in any way unhappy with our response to your complaint you can contact the Dóchas Director at

Code of Good Practice

Development Perspectives is a signatory to Comhlámh’s Code of Good Practice Every Volunteer Sending Agency, which is party to the Code of Good Practice, commits to the implementation of the Code’s five values that underpin the work of international volunteer programmes. These are solidarity, respect, social justice, ecological sustainability and integrity. Full details of the Code are here: