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Training Courses

  1. Training and Facilitation Skills

    (Basic or Advanced) This training course outlines and details training and facilitating principles and practice. Engaging and participatory methodologies will be utilized.
    The level of the training course can be tailored to your need

  2. Team Building and Group Dynamics

    With many experienced facilitators, we offer team building days that can be tailor-made to suit your group. This action-packed workshop will test your groups communication, problem solving and organisational skills through engaging and fun activities.

  3. Leadership for Development

    Leadership capacities and competencies of participants will be built on during this training course as a response to the scale and the speed of current local and global development challenges. More than ever before, we need effective leadership.

  4. The Power of Storytelling

    Your story is important but how will you tell it? Storytelling is an ancient craft, which can be utilized in many creative ways. This immersive training course will enable you to shape and share powerful stories.

Half day or full day options are available for all courses.

'When the history of the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation is written, the creation of the Big Sister International Movement to end FGM, born in the Dublin mountains under the delicate midwifery of Bobby McCormack of Development Perspectives, will be a part of that history.'

-Maggie O Kane,Multimedia Editor, The Guardian.

Our Approach

  • Experienced, qualified facilitators.

  • Fifteen years experience in the development field.

  • Experience working in Belgium, Finland, Germany, Cyprus, UK, China, Columbia, South Africa, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Liberia, and Canada.

  • Innovative, inclusive and creative methods.

  • Cater for diverse learning styles and intelligences.

  • Use of experimental learning and problem-based learning.

Bespoke training also available.

'I admire the commitment and in-depth engagement of Development Perspectives in every aspect of their work. It's a real pleasure to be involved in their activities, from the residential weekends on storytelling and the Hero's Journey, to my involvement in their amazing 'Insight' programme. I jump at the chance to work with Development Perspectives whenever possible.'

- Carmine Rodi Falanga, Trainer and Facilitator.

Value for Money

Not only are we extremely good value for money, but the revenue generated from these trainings contribute towards the work of Development Perspectives.

'Development Perspectives (DP) co-designed and facilitated a Leadership for Leadership for Systemic Change course as part of DEEEP 4 project. This course was very successful, which was in part due to the knowledge, skills and positive attitude, which DP has in abundance.'

- Rilli Lappalainen (Secratary General of Kehys, Finnish NGDO Platform).

Prices provided upon request.

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